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Administrative Office Technology

AOT Associates Degree

DegreeAssociate in Administrative Office Technology

Semester Curriculum Display
Suggested Sequence of Courses
Fall Semester - Year 1Contact HoursCredit Hours
COL 101College Orientation I1.01.0
ENG 155Communications I3.03.0
HSS 205Technology and Society3.03.0
AOT 110Document Formatting3.03.0
AOT 133Professional Development3.03.0
AOT 165Information Processing Software3.03.0
Total Semester16.016.0
Spring Semester - Year 1Contact HoursCredit Hours
ENG 156Communications II3.03.0
MAT 155Contemporary Mathematics3.03.0
AOT 134Office Communications3.03.0
AOT 143Office Systems and Procedures3.03.0
AOT 167Information Processing Applications3.03.0
AOT 106Keyboarding Lab1.01.0
Total Semester16.016.0
Fall Semester - Year 2Contact HoursCredit Hours
IST 225Internet Communications3.03.0
AOT 121Machine Transcription3.03.0
AOT 251Administrative Systems & Procedures3.03.0
AOT 267Integrated Information Processing3.03.0
AOT 137Office Accounting3.03.0
Total Semester15.015.0
Spring Semester - Year 2Contact HoursCredit Hours
AOT 250Advanced Information Processing3.03.0
ECO 210Macroeconomics or ECO 101-Basic Economics3.03.0
AOT 254Office Simulation3.03.0
AOT 265Office Desktop Publishing3.03.0
2 Electives4.04.0
Total Semester16.016.0
Total Program Hours63.0
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