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Transfer Guide

In making plans to attend York Technical College, please use this publication as a guide for the transfer process.

Definition of a Transfer Student

Students who have taken college-level coursework after graduating from high school are classified as transfer applicants when seeking admission to York Technical College.

Admission Requirements for Transfer Students

Students planning to transfer need to complete the following steps:

Complete the York Technical College Admission Application.

Have official transcripts of all previous college credit earned sent to the College.

Contact Enrollment Services to determine if taking a placement test is necessary.

Please Note: Qualification requirements for some Health and Human Services programs may include additional testing and proof of high school or GED completion. Students should contact Enrollment Services for information about admission requirements for these programs.

Enrollment Services Contact Information

Enrollment Services Telephone: (803) 327-8008
452 South Anderson Road
Rock Hill, SC 29730
Toll-free in SC: 1-800-922-TECH
Fax Number: (803) 981-7237

The York Technical College Admission Application is available on the College's Web Site.

Transfer Credit Policies

Students planning to transfer credit from York Technical College to other postsecondary institutions are responsible for confirming the transferability of courses with those institutions.

Students planning to transfer courses from other postsecondary institutions to York Technical College must adhere to the following guidelines:

Students must have official transcripts of completed courses from postsecondary institutions attended sent to the College.

Course credit must have been earned at a postsecondary institution accredited at the college level by a nationally recognized regional accrediting agency or by a nationally recognized health accrediting agency for hospital-based transfer credit. Coursework completed at either hospital or college-sponsored accredited radiologic technology programs that are recognized by the Joint Review Committee on Education in Radiologic Technology is eligible for consideration.

To receive transfer credit in a program, a course must be required or approved as an elective in the curriculum being entered.

A grade of "C" or better must have been earned in each course to be considered for transfer.

Course credits being transferred must have been earned within the last 12 years unless a degree or diploma was earned. Shorter course eligibility time limits may apply to selected courses in certain programs.

Credit for the courses to be transferred must show on an official transcript from the granting institution.

Credits transferred from other institutions may not exceed 75 percent of the total credits required by York Technical College for graduation.

Courses transferred into a curriculum must have equivalent or greater credits and be comparable to York Technical College courses which are required or approved as electives in the curriculum. These courses will be assigned a grade of "TR" and will not be calculated in the grade-point ratio (GPR).

New students eligible to receive transfer credit must enroll within two semesters of the time the credit is approved. Currently enrolled or former students may transfer credit back to York Technical College to graduate as long as the Transfer Credit and graduation guidelines are met.

Academic Fresh Start

The Academic Fresh Start procedure is designed to assist returning students, who meet specific conditions, to have a fresh start in how their previous academic records are applied toward meeting graduation requirements in credit programs leading to a degree, diploma or certificate. Any student who meets the following conditions should contact the Academic Records Office for an application.

Academic Fresh Start is available only to students after re-entry to York Technical College following two years' absence. It is the responsibility of the student to apply in writing for Academic Fresh Start within the first two semesters following re-admission. In order to qualify, students applying for Academic Fresh Start must have a cumulative GPA below 2.0 for all course work. Students must also establish a term of progress (2.0 term GPA) before Academic Fresh Start will be applied.

Academic Fresh Start applies only to the course work taken prior to the term of re-enrollment. Under this process, all courses previously taken at YTC are removed from the grade-point average calculation but still appear on the student's transcript with the original grades earned. Courses completed with grades of "A", "B", or "C" may still be used to meet program requirements, if applicable; however, grades of "D" may no longer be used. Academic Fresh Start does not apply when determining eligibility for academic honors at York Technical College.

All students are responsible for satisfying requirements for their academic programs and for maintaining the required GPA. Students should seek guidance from an advisor but the final responsibility remains that of the student.

Articulation Agreements and/or Bridge Programs

York Technical College has articulation agreements and/or Bridge programs with the following institutions: College of Charleston, South Carolina State University, University of South Carolina, Lander University, and Winthrop University. For more information about these programs or to access these agreements, please contact the Institutional Transfer Officer at York Technical College.

State-wide Transfer Agreements

The South Carolina Commission on Higher Education has established a list of technical college courses which are universally accepted by South Carolina's state-supported colleges and universities. The courses offered by York Technical College which may transfer for credit in various majors at the state-supported senior colleges are listed below with an asterisk preceding the course prefix. Students should contact the college to which they plan to transfer for information regarding course equivalencies and transferability towards specific programs.

Offered at YTC Course # Course Credits
* ACC 101 Accounting Principles I 3
* ACC 102 Accounting Principles II 3
ANT 101 General Anthropology 3
* ART 101 History and Appreciation of Art3
ART 105 Film as Art 3
AST 101 Solar System Astronomy 4
AST 102 Stellar Astronomy 4
* BIO 101 Biological Science I 4
* BIO 102 Biological Science II 4
* BIO 210 Anatomy and Physiology I 4
* BIO 211 Anatomy and Physiology II 4
* BIO 225 Microbiology 4
* CHM 110 College Chemistry I 4
* CHM 111 College Chemistry II 4
CHM 112 College Chemistry II 4
CHM 211 Organic Chemistry I 4
CHM 212 Organic Chemistry II 4
* ECO 210 Macroeconomics 3
* ECO 211 Microeconomics 3
* ENG 101 English Composition I 3
* ENG 102 English Composition II 3
* ENG 201 American Literature I 3
* ENG 202 American Literature II 3
ENG 203 American Literature Survey 3
* ENG 205 English Literature I 3
* ENG 206 English Literature II 3
* ENG 208 World Literature I 3
* ENG 209 World Literature II 3
* ENG 214 Fiction 3
ENG 218 Drama 3
ENG 222 Poetry 3
ENG 230 Women in Literature 3
ENG 236 African American Lit 3
ENG 260 Adv. Tech. Communication 3
* FRE 101 Elementary French I 4
FRE 102 Elementary French II 4
FRE 201 Intermediate French I 3
FRE 202 Intermediate French II 3
GEO 101 Intro to Geography 3
GEO 102 World Geography 3
* GER 101 Elementary German I 4
* GER 102 Elementary German II 4
* HIS 101 Western Civilization to 1689 3
* HIS 102 Western Civilization Post 1689 3
* HIS 201 Am. History Discovery to 1877 3
* HIS 202 Am. History 1877 to Pres. 3
* MAT 110 College Algebra 3
* MAT 111 College Trigonometry 3
* MAT 120 Probability and Statistics 3
* MAT 122 Finite College Mathematics 3
* MAT 130 Elementary Calculus 3
* MAT 140 Analytical Geo. and Calc. I 4
* MAT 141 Analytical Geo. and Calc. II 4
* MAT 240 Analytical Geo. and Calc. III 4
* MAT 242 Differential Equations 4
* MUS 105 Music Appreciation 3
* PHI 101 Introduction to Philosophy 3
PHI 105 Introduction to Logic 3
PHI 106 Logic II Inductive Reasoning 3
* PHI 110 Ethics 3
PHI 115 Contemporary Moral Issues 3
* PHY 201 Physics I 4
* PHY 202 Physics II 4
* PHY 221 University Physics I 4
* PHY 222 University Physics II 4
PHY 223 University Physics III 4
* PSC 201 American Government 3
* PSC 215 State and Local Government 3
* PSY 201 Introduction to Psychology 3
* PSY 203 Human Growth & Development 3
PSY 208 Human Sexuality 3
* PSY 212 Abnormal Psychology 3
* SOC 101 Introduction to Sociology 3
* SOC 102 Marriage and the Family 3
* SOC 205 Social Problems 3
SOC 206 Social Psychology 3
SOC 210 Juvenile Delinquency 3
SOC 220 Sociology and the Family 3
SOC 235 Thanatology 3
* SPA 101 Elementary Spanish I 4
* SPA 102 Elementary Spanish II 4
* SPA 201 Intermediate Spanish I 3
SPA 202 Intermediate Spanish II 3
* SPC 205 Public Speaking 3
SPC 210 Oral Interp. of Literature 3
* THE 101 Introduction to Theatre 3

Transfer: State Policies and Procedures

The Commission on Higher Education for the State of South Carolina coordinates postsecondary education in public-supported institutions, including policies and procedures for students and their course credits transferring among these institutions. The Commission has established transfer policies and procedures, which all public institutions must follow. The following Transfer information was required for inclusion by the Commission on Higher Education (CHE). The College assumes no liability for the accuracy of the information provided by the CHE.

Statewide Articulation of 86 Courses

The Statewide Articulation Agreement of 86 courses approved by the South Carolina Commission on Higher Education for transfer from two- to four-year public institutions is applicable to all public institutions, including two-year institutions and institutions within the same system. In instances where an institution does not have courses synonymous to ones on this list, it will identify comparable courses or course categories for acceptance of general education courses on the statewide list. This list of courses is available online at as well as on

Admissions Criteria, Course Grades, GPA's, Validations

All four-year public institutions will issue a transfer guide annually in August or maintain such a guide online. Information published in transfer guides will cover at least the following items:

A.) The institution's definition of a transfer student.

B.) Requirements for both admission to the institution and, if more selective, requirements for admission to particular programs.

C.) Institutional and, if more selective, programmatic maximums of course credits allowable in transfer.

D.) Information about course equivalencies and transfer agreements.

E.) Limitations placed by the institution or its programs for acceptance of standardized examinations (e.g., SAT, ACT) taken more than a given time ago, for academic coursework taken elsewhere, for coursework repeated due to failure, for coursework taken at another institution while the student is academically suspended at his/her home institution, and so forth.

F.) Information about institutional procedures used to calculate student applicants' GPAs for transfer admission. Such procedures will describe how nonstandard grades (withdrawal, withdrawal failing, repeated course, etc.) are evaluated; and they will also describe whether all coursework taken prior to transfer or only coursework deemed appropriate to the student's intended four-year program of study is calculated for purposes of admission to the institution and/or programmatic major.

G.) Institutional policies related to "academic bankruptcy" (i.e., removing an entire transcript or parts thereof from a failed or underachieving record after a period of years has passed) so that re-entry into the four-year institution with course credit earned in the interim elsewhere is done without regard to the student's earlier record.

H.) "Residency requirements" for the minimum number of hours required to be earned at the institution for the degree.

Transfer Blocks, Statewide Agreements, Completion of the AA/AS Degree

[Students planning to transfer credit from York Technical College to other postsecondary institutions are responsible for confirming the transferability of courses with those institutions.]

The Statewide Transfer Blocks established in 1996 will be accepted in their totality toward meeting baccalaureate degree requirements at all four-year public institutions in relevant four-year degree programs. Several Transfer Blocks were updated in March 2009: Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences; Business; Engineering; and Science and Mathematics; the remaining Transfer Blocks, Teacher Education and Nursing, are currently being revised. The courses listed in each Transfer Block will be reviewed periodically by the Commission's Academic Affairs staff in consultation with the Advisory Committee on Academic Programs to ensure their accuracy, and the Transfer Blocks will be updated as needed.

For the Nursing Transfer Block, by statewide agreement, at least 60 semester hours will be accepted by any public four-year institution toward the baccalaureate completion program (BSN) from graduates of any South Carolina public associate degree program in nursing (ADN), provided that the program is accredited by the National League for Nursing Accrediting Commission or the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education and that the graduate has successfully passed the National Licensure Examination (NCLEX) and is a currently licensed Registered Nurse.

Any student who has completed either an Associate of Arts or Associate of Science degree program at any public two-year South Carolina institution which contains the total coursework found in the Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences or the Science and Mathematics Transfer Block will automatically be entitled to junior-level status or its equivalent at whatever public senior institution to which the student might have been admitted. However, as agreed by the Advisory Committee on Academic Programs, junior status applies only to campus activities such as priority order for registration for courses, residence hall assignments, parking, athletic event tickets, etc. and not in calculating academic degree credits.

For a complete listing of all courses in each Transfer Block, see

For additional information regarding Transfer Blocks, contact the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, College Transfer, Articulations and Special Projects, or access the Commission for Higher Education website at, or call (803) 981-7143 or fax us at (803) 327-8059, or contact us by mail at York Technical College, 452 South Anderson Road, Rock Hill, SC 289730.

Assurance of Quality

All claims from any public two- or four-year institution challenging the effective preparation of any other public institution's coursework for transfer purposes will be evaluated by the staff of the Commission on Higher Education in consultation with the Advisory Committee on Academic Programs. After these claims are evaluated, appropriate measures will be taken to ensure that the quality of the coursework has been reviewed and approved on a timely basis by sending and receiving institutions alike.

Statewide Publication and Distribution of Information on Transfer

The staff of the Commission on Higher Education will place this document on the Commission's website under the title "Transfer Policies." In addition, information about transfer, including institutional policies, course equivalencies, and articulation agreements, will be published and distributed by all public institutions through transfer guides and be made available on Furthermore, course catalogs for each public two-and four-year institution will contain a section entitled "Transfer: State Policies and Procedures." This section will:

a. Include the Transfer Policy for Public Two-Year and Four-Year Institutions in South Carolina.

Refer interested parties to as well as to the institutional Transfer Guide and institutional and Commission on Higher Education's websites for further information regarding transfer.

York Technical College's Transfer Officer is the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs – College Transfer, Articulation, and Special Projects. For more information regarding the College's Transfer Guide, contact the Academic Records Office, or access the College's Homepage at, or telephone us at (803) 981-7143, or fax us at (803) 327-8059. Additional information regarding transfer in South Carolina may be found at the SC Commission for Higher Education home page at

It is the policy of York Technical College not to discriminate on the basis of sex, race, age, religion, veteran status, national origin or disability in its educational programs, activities, or employment policies. The Title IX and Section 504 Compliance Officer is Dr. Marc Tarplee, Vice President for Business Affairs, York Technical College, 452 South Anderson Road, Rock Hill, SC 29730. Telephone: (803) 327-8000.


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