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York Technical College Solar Training Center (STC)

The Energy and Environmental Program at York Technical College has been highly involved in conservation, sustainability and renewable energy initiatives on campus, within Rock Hill, York County and across the state of South Carolina. York Technical College, the Energy and Environmental program and the City of Rock Hill continue to illustrate the successes of their partnership as they work together in a planned solar array installation project on York Technical College's Main Campus. The two institutions continue to collaborate and work together on clean energy and renewable energy technology initiatives.

York Technical College would like to thank the South Carolina State Energy Office and the Department of Energy (DOE) for its recent designation as a Solar Training Center awarded by the State Energy Office. This statewide designation placed YTC in an elite class of just 3 other state technical colleges to earn this designation including Greenville Technical College, Trident Technical College and Aiken Technical College, all recipients of a Solar Training grant funded by the Department of Energy (DOE) and SC State Energy Office American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) training funds.

In addition to being added as just the 4th STC in the state, YTC is one of only 2 technical colleges in the SC State Technical College system to have earned the dual designation as both an Energy Efficiency Training Center and a Solar Training Center. This dual designation positions YTC to serve the growing energy training needs of this region's workforce in conservation, energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies.

The STC at York Tech completes the ideal geographic representation of solar training centers throughout the state in an effort to better serve the needs of an emerging workforce. The Solar Training Center will focus much of its programming on Photovoltaic (PV) system design, sizing, location, orientation and installation as well as solar thermal system installation. Curriculum will also cover state and federal renewable energy tax incentives and some National Electric Code (NEC) regulations as it relates to (PV). Providing training to meet the workforce needs of our area will better equip regulators and inspectors, policy makers and industry leaders with the knowledge to make informed and educated decisions affecting renewable energy and energy efficient initiatives that have the potential to create jobs.

Solar Technician Training and other renewable energy technology training offered through YTC will help mitigate environmental pollution and encourage energy dollars to remain and circulate in South Carolina's economy. The South Carolina Energy Office (SCEO) promotes the use of renewable energies and sustainable development practices throughout the state.

Renewable energy, which includes biomass, wind, solar, small hydropower, geothermal and hydrogen from renewable sources, can mitigate South Carolina's dependence on imported energy and reduce energy costs.

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