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YTC on Sustainability

YTC is Setting the Tone with Sustainability

The College's true potential as an institution is directly linked to realizing the potential of our students and our region. The Energy and Environmental Program is in the process of establishing new interdisciplinary models of education for the renewable energy and environmental fields. Opportunities such as experiential learning, work experiences, hands on training and community engagement will be central to student success and job placement. We strive to serve as an incubator of innovative problem solving in sustainability through interconnections between industry and curriculum.

The Energy and Environmental Program is already successfully engaged in collaborative relationships with other departments and programs across the College and with other institutions and business partners across the State-aimed at creating a community of trained experts to address complex environmental challenges. The Energy and Environmental Program, in cooperation with the College's Facilities Management, Operations and Maintenance Departments and the internal Energy Conservation Committee, are in the process of developing a college-wide initiative to raise awareness of sustainable practices.

The Energy and Environmental Program's courses of study emphasize experiential learning, engagement with faculty, business, industry, community and K-12 schools to create and share knowledge, train a new generation of practitioners and develop practical solutions to some of the most pressing environmental, economic, and social challenges of sustainability in our region.

Our enrollment is growing as more and more students and employers recognize the value and opportunities associated with renewable energy technologies, sustainable and environmentally responsible jobs. You can join us. Check out the course web-page to see how you can upgrade your skills for a job in these exciting new fields.

The Energy and Environmental Program covers a broad range of disciplines and takes a multidisciplinary approach in its curriculum offerings, addressing a broad spectrum of local and regional challenges.

These local and regional issues that impact our way of life require creative and effective institutional arrangements and industry partnerships to harness the potential of our local workforce with innovations and advancements in science and technology. Interrelated challenges that create the need for an emerging workforce include:

  • Increased competition for water and other essential natural resources that are in relatively fixed supply;
  • the need for renewable energy, "smart" materials, and effective knowledge systems
  • the need for policy and governance that supports sustainable programs and behaviors;
  • the need to understand the human dimensions that influence sustainable programs and practices;
  • the need to conserve biodiversity, ecosystems and wildlife habitats
  • the challenge of providing for global growth and equity in standards of living without endangering the Earth's natural systems.

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