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Cake Decorating Basic (CLE 1377)

Learn the art of decorating cakes with buttercream icing techniques. Create smooth buttercream icing and apply it to the cake as well as basic piping techniques including borders, flowers and writing. Students will also learn to operate an airbrush machine which is required in production bakeries. Equipment list provided on the first night of class.

Cake Decorating Stacked and Topsy-Turvy Cakes (CLE 1378)

Come join the fun as we create fun and whimsical topsy-turvy cakes. Learn how to properly cut, stack and decorate these unique cake creations while continuing to practice skills learned in the Basic class.

Cake Decorating Fondant and Sculpting (CLE 1379)

Let your creative side run wild in our fondant and sculpting class. Learn how to utilize the proper cake consistency and tools that allow you to sculpt cakes in any shape. Learn how to work with fondant to give sculpted and non-sculpted cakes that smooth, flawless finish. Utilize fondant and various tools to create dramatic drapes and exquisite flowers for your cake creation.

Cake Decorating Glamor Cakes (CLE 1380)

Interested in getting into the wedding cake industry? Curious how you would create a cake that adds the "wow" factor to a party or event? Glamour Cakes uses all of the techniques that we explored in the previous classes and helps you "bring it all together". Join us as we explore the art of creating Glamour Cakes from sketching your vision to realizing your masterpiece.

Cake Decorating Certificate Program Details

Certified Wedding Planning

This program is designed to offer a nationally accredited wedding planning course backed by the American Academy of Wedding Professionals. The AAWP is an organization of industry professionals who can help students build and grow their businesses. Upon completing the course, students become members of AAWP and are directed to Business Development Services who will advise them on how to start, build, and maintain their businesses. AAWP support is ongoing. Students will also have the option of completing an internship to gain hands-on training. Tuition includes the AAWP 500 page manual, hands on and online modules.

Certified Wedding Planning Course Detail


Wherefore Art (CLE 1373)

Learn the history of art from ancient times right on up to today.

Color! (CLE 1016)

Students will be introduced to the psychology of color, color schemes, tricks with color, hands-on co-ordination, color wheel, etc. Call for schedule.

Elements & Philosophy of Design and Creativity (CLE 1017)

Learn how to improve one's creativity, history of interior design, elements of a good designer, eclecticism, factors in design and ethics in this 6-hour class.

Furniture Design & Construction (CLE 1018)

Proper use of materials, understanding proportions and utility and what to look for in quality case goods and upholstery will be covered in this module.

All About Fabrics (CLE 1019)

Students focus on fibers, weaves, durability, cleaning codes, suitability, tailoring, and pattern mixing as they continue on their design journey.

Rendering (Drawing) (CLE 1020)

Students will learn design techniques of sketching, drawing, and renderings. Colored pencils and pens required.

Identifying Historic Furniture Styles (CLE 1021)

Future designers learn to identify major historical styles and apply the knowledge of that history to their design class portfolio.

Walls, Windows and Floors (CLE 1022)

A basic understanding of window treatments, paint, wall coverings, rugs and carpets is the focus of this module.

Accessorizing (CLE 1023)

Accessorizing covers the standard rules for selecting bookcases, collections, wall décor, lamps, and table décor.s

Space Planning (CLE 1024)

Explore hands-on skills needed to designing floor plans for traffic flow, balance, scale, etc.

Interior Design Course Details


Real Estate Sales I - Pre licensing (CLE 778)

This course will prepare you for a career in real estate--if you want to list, sell, purchase, exchange, lease, or dispose of real estate for others in the state of SC. Course covers the basics of real estate sales covers real property law, agency, federal, and state laws/regulations, pricing of real property, contracts, finance and mathematics. To qualify for licensure, you must be at least 18 years of age, have a high school diploma (or GED), have a satisfactory credit report, have proof of completion of at least 60 hours of approved classroom instruction, and receive a passing score on the State Real Estate exam.

Real Estate Post Licensing (CLE 771)

Successful completion of Post Licensing allows students to meet the new requirements developed by the SC LLR Real Estate Commission. These five 6-hour interactive, multi-media modules will pave the way to success in your chosen profession of real estate!

Real Estate Broker A - Broker Management (CLE 895)

Representing 30 hours of the 150 hours required to become a Broker, this course covers short and long range planning, operating a real estate brokerage, liability of a broker for torts of agents; trust accounting, contracts, and ethics. In addition to the hours, students need three years of experience with a salesperson's license and to pass a state broker's exam. (90 hours of the salesperson's license may be used toward the 150 required hours).

Real Estate Broker B - Broker Exam Prep (CLE 896)

Covering 30 hours of the 150 hours required to become a broker, this course covers real property law; agency, federal, and state laws/regulations; pricing of real property; contracts; finance; math; and closing statements. In addition to the hours, students need three years of experience with a salesperson's license and to pass a state broker's exam. (90 hours of the salesperson's license may be used toward the 150 required hours).

Real Estate Property Management (CLE 897)

This course satisfies the 30 hours of education required by the South Carolina Real Estate Commission to receive a Property Management License. Topics include laws affecting property management, rental agreements, and tenant relations after leasing and insurance.

 Real Estate Course Details




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