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WorkKeys® Job Profiling

The WorkKeys® Job Profiling system is a job analysis developed by ACT® that helps businesses identify the skills and skill levels employees must have to perform particular jobs effectively. It also gives individuals a clear picture of the skill levels they need to qualify for and be successful in the jobs they want. When used with the assessments, instruction, and reporting, job profiling allows students and workers to identify areas they need to strengthen in pursuing their education and career goals.

WorkKeys® job profiling is conducted by job analysts who have been trained and authorized by WorkKeys industrial/organizational psychologists. The profiling procedure is designed to systematically develop accurate profiles through a task analysis that is used to select the tasks most critical to a job, a skill analysis that is used to identify skill levels required for effective performance on that job, and skill ranking, which determines which WorkKeys skills are the most critical to the job.

WorkKeys® Assessment System

WorkKeys® Assessment System The WorkKeys® Assessment System is a comprehensive system for measuring, communicating and improving the common skills required for success in the workplace. It allows these skills to be quantitatively assessed in both individual persons and in actual jobs. Therefore the WorkKeys System can allow you to identify individuals who have the basic skills required to be successful in a given position or career. When properly used, businesses can make hiring and promotion decisions based on WorkKeys with confidence and security.

The WorkKeys® Assessment System evaluates the following areas:

  • Communication: Business Writing, Listening, Reading for Information, and Writing
  • Problem Solving: Applied Technology, Applied Mathematics, Locating Information and Workplace Observation
  • Interpersonal: Teamwork

The National Career Readiness Certificate uses three WorkKeys® foundational skill assessments to verify to employers that an individual has essential employability skills. These essential skills include reading for information, applied math, and locating information.

WorkKeys® Performance Assessment

Part 1 of this test is an integrity test that measures general work attitudes which will predict counterproductive work behaviors, task and job performance, and organizational citizenship behaviors. Scores from this part of the assessment correlate to productivity, absenteeism, resilience to work related stress, team orientation and employee work satisfaction.

Part 2 of this test is a risk reduction determiner. This part contains items that focus on avoidance of work-related accidents and unnecessary risk-taking in a work environment, as well as organizational conduct that may impact the individual or others. Scores from this part collate with reduced risk of work-related accidents, working under the influence of alcohol or drugs, outbursts of physical or verbal aggression and coworker complaints about conduct or harassment.

WorkKeys® Talent Assessment

The WorkKeys® Talent Assessment is a selection and employee-development tool that measures a candidate's work-related attitudes and behaviors. It measures these facets of personality: carefulness, cooperation, creativity, discipline, goodwill, influence, optimism, order, savvy, sociability, stability, and striving.

WorkKeys® Fit Assessment

The Workkeys® Fit Assessment matches individual interests and values to the work environment. A good fit between employee and occupation contributes to job satisfaction and commitment. The WorkKeys® Fit Assessment measures an individual's interests and values, providing information that can help determine how well a candidate matches up with occupations in an organization. This tool assesses work-related interests and a broad range of work-related values, such as Autonomy, Physical Activity, Influencing Others, and Precision. For ease of use, information from both interests and values are combined into a single Fit Index. The WorkKeys® Fit Assessment consists of two instruments: the ACT® Interest Inventory and the ACT® Work Values Inventory.


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