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Coding and Medical Processes


Administration and Coding for Medical Office         

HSCX 1940
The purpose of this course is to provide the student with a realistic approach to office processes in the healthcare practice. It will encompass coding for the medical office, office processes, insurance billing, medical terminology, anatomy, pharmacology, computers/software for the medical office, and more.
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Anatomy and Physiology Online     

HSC 1197
This course places an emphasis on the organization of the human body and the differences between nonliving matter and living organisms.
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Coding- Advanced Hospital Coding and CCS Preparation Online     

HSC 1463
Designed for individuals who have coding skills and want to enhance their facility coding skills, mastering these skills will provide students with the opportunity to obtain positions in the best paying sector of the coding profession. Students become more marketable and are prepared to complete the American Health Information Management Association's mastery level credentialing exam, the Certified Coding Specialist (CCS).
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Coding- Electronic Medical Records Online     

HSC 6005
Learn how Electronic Medical Records (EMR) systems represent the ability to record and handle medical records for effective health information exchange.
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Coding for the Medical Office     

HSC 1923
Coders for the medical office can review and adjudicate coding of services, procedures and diagnoses on medical claims in the physician office setting, thus improving the finances and operational efficiency of the practice.
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Coding- ICD-10 Medical Coding Online     

HSC 9013
Prepare for the huge 2013 ICD-10 coding shift from the 50 year-old ICD-9 diagnostic codes to the NEW ICD-10 codes. Become part of this major change in the industry, going from 14,000 codes to 69,000. More and more data is needed in healthcare and ICD-10 is all about getting it. Online delivery plus live instructor support. Course can be completed as quickly as material is assimilated. Prior ICD-9 coding and Med Terminology background strongly recommended
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Coding- Insurance Billing     

HSC 1519
The purpose of this course is to provide students with a realistic approach to computerized billing principles for a healthcare practice. Revenue and Reimbursement, Medicare, Medicaid, Worker's compensation, Tri-care, and Commercial Insurance Billing presented.
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Coding- Office Processes     

HSC 1857
This course provides practical applications of processes for the medical office. The course includes electronic medical records, medical software applications, ethics, HIPAA and OSHA compliance, legal issues, and customer service. The purpose of this course is to provide the student with a realistic approach to office processes in the healthcare practice.
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Coding- Educode Plus
Professional Medical Coding and Billing Online with ICD 10     

HSC 5563
This course prepares students for a career in inpatient and outpatient medical coding. Upon successful completion, students will be eligible for certification exams. This course is AHIMA approved and prepares you to pass the CCA or CPC exam.
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HIPAA Compliance Online     

HSC 1755
Upon completion of this course, students are able to protect patients' personal health information, and safeguard electronic exchange of patients' personal health information. To enroll online, call for details and dates.
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Introduction to the Administration of a Medical Office Online        

HSC 1214
The course is intended for individuals beginning in management or those aspiring to be in medical administration. It covers such administrative topics as practice analysis, staff assessment, and the new HIPAA regulations in a practical way. The information and resources utilized in this course are used for evaluation and basic training purposes. Designed with the busy professional in mind, the course also offers individualized assistance.
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Medical Transcription Editor Online     

HSC 1858
The Medical Transcription Editor program trains students as both medical transcriptionists and medical transcription editors - formatting physician - dictated medical records. Books and supplies included. To enroll online, call for details and dates.
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