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Utility Lineworker Training


About the Program

York Technical College has partnered with utility companies and contractors in North and South Carolina to offer a comprehensive training program that will prepare candidates for entry-level Line Work positions.

The eight week Entry Level Line Worker Certificate Program includes classroom, lab, and field instruction in pole climbing, overhead and underground line installation. Students will be assessed throughout the training in hands-on skill performance, relevant subject area knowledge, and safety compliance. Students enrolled in the program will also receive training in CPR/First Aid, 10 hour OSHA, and other safety trainings such as Pole Top Rescue, Truck Operator Safety, Work Zone, and Trenching.

Graduates will be prepared for entry-level employment with utility and cable companies, and will be provided assistance with resume preparation and interviewing skills. Employers are invited to recruit and interview graduating students through on campus visits and presentations as scheduled with the Line Worker training staff.

Classes are held at the Heavy Equipment/Line Worker Site in Chester, SC (1211 SCDOT Road)

Available Courses

LWT 507

#LWT 507 (needed for registration)
The underground portion of the line worker program consist of two (2) weeks of proper wire splicing, CPR/First Aid, basic operation of an excavator, and underground power cable installation. Tuition is $1,350

LWT 508

#LWT 508 (needed for registration)
The second portion of the line worker program is the Pre-Certification training. In this one (1) week of training, the student’s ability to climb poles and work with basic lineman hand tools while on the pole will be assessed. The students are required to pass the Pre-Certification to proceed to the Overhead Line Installation. Tuition is $675.

LWT 509

#LWT 509 (needed for registration)
The Overhead Line Installation is the third and final portion of the Line worker program and is five (5) weeks long. Students who progress to this point will be working on poles up to 40 feet off of the ground repairing damaged power lines and installing new power lines. Students will also learn how to work from a bucket truck. Tuition is $3,375.

TRK 518 (optional, but recommended)

#TRK 518 (needed for registration)
The CDL Class A for Line Workers is a 152 hour course that provides classroom instruction, yard/field maneuvers and behind-the-wheel/observation training. Topics include map reading, logs, trip planning, vehicle inspections and systems, DOT regulations, and safe operation of the CDL vehicles. Conventional and cab-over tractors provide hands-on training to enable clients to obtain their CDL Class A license. Tuition is $2,195 which includes a $900 non-refundable seating fee.


Accommodation options with special rates for program participants: Executive Inn, 1632 J.A. Cochran By-Pass, Chester, SC 29706, 803-581-2525 Super 8, 3085 Lancaster Hwy, Richburg, SC 29729, 803-789-7888.

2013 Dates

Line Worker Underground          LWT-507-002      4/29-5/9       7am-4pm    M-Th     $1350
Line Worker Pre Certification     LWT-508-003      5/13-5/16     7am-4pm     M-Th     $675
Line Worker Overhead               LWT-509-003      5/20-6/20     7am-4pm     M-Th     $3375

Line Worker Underground         LWT-507-003         7/1-7/12     7am-4pm       M-Th     $1350
Line Worker Pre Certification     LWT-508-004         7/15-7/18     7am-4pm     M-Th     $675
Line Worker Overhead               LWT-509-004        7/22-8/22     7am-4pm      M-Th     $3375

Line Worker Underground           LWT-507-004         9/3-9/12     7am-4pm      M-Th     $1350
Line Worker Pre Certification       LWT-508-005         9/16-9/19   7am-4pm      M-Th     $675
Line Worker Overhead                 LWT-509-005         9/23-10/24 7am-4pm     M-Th     $3375

Line Worker Underground           LWT-507-005         10/28-11/7     7am-4pm     M-Th     $1350
Line Worker Pre Certification       LWT-508-006         11/11-11/14   7am-4pm     M-Th     $675
Line Worker Overhead                 LWT-509-006         11/18-12/19   7am-4pm     M-Th     $3375


For further information, contact:

Ken Strickland, Program Manager

Ben Ross, Program Coordinator

Becky Cannon, Administrative Specialist


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