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Truck Driving CDL Class A


If you have a good driving record, can pass the DOT physical and meet other regulatory requirements, you, too, can become a professional truck driver. With such great demand for top-quality drivers, wages well above the national average, and plenty of room for advancement, why not choose this exciting career? 

Job placement assistance is available and, in many cases, students are conditionally pre-hired by motor carriers before they complete the course. Early registration is recommended to enable us to provide you with proper forms and counseling. Course fees do not include the cost of commercial driver's license, physical examination, books or motor vehicle record. The CDL licensing examination is usually scheduled during the last week of the course.

The six-weeks course provides classroom instruction, yard/field maneuvers and behind-the-wheel/observation training. Topics include map reading, logs, trip planning, vehicle inspections and systems, DOT regulations, and safe operation of the CDL vehicles. Conventional and cab-over tractors provide hands-on training to enable clients to become proficient in the operation of CDL vehicles.

Tuition & Fees

Tuition is $3,495, which includes textbook, atlas and log book materials and may be paid by personal check, VISA, MasterCard, Discover, American Express or in cash. Below are additional costs associated with the program.

  • Physical Examination and drug screen - $130 (Occumed at Riverview)
  • Commercial Driver's License fee (approx. $50 payable at SCDMV)
  • Manual ($5.00 payable at SCDMV)
  • Official 10-year driving record - $6 (payable at SCDMV)


2014 Dates

TRK-509-001    1/6-2/14                8am-5pm         M-F    $3495

TRK-509-002    2/17-3/28              8am-5pm         M-F    $3495

TRK-509-003    3/31-5/9                8am-5pm         M-F    $3495

TRK-509-004    5/12-6/20              8am-5pm         M-F    $3495

TRK-509-005    6/23-8/1                8am-5pm         M-F    $3495

TRK-509-006    8/4-9/12                8am-5pm         M-F    $3495

TRK-509-007    9/15-10/24            8am-5pm         M-F    $3495

TRK-509-008    10/27-12/10          8am-5pm         M-F    $3495


For further information, contact:

Ben Ross, Program Coordinator


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