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YTC Connect Card

Your new official Student ID and a faster way to receive your refunds!

Beginning in May, York Technical College will be partnering with Higher One®, a financial services company focused solely on higher education, to bring you a new official York Tech Student ID and a faster method for receiving your refunds—the YTC Connect Card. Please do not throw away this important card when you receive it in the mail.

What does this mean for students?
It means more choices for managing your money and receiving Financial Aid refunds! Our partnership with Higher One ensures faster delivery of the refund money we may have for you, and smarter ways to manage that money.

What do students need to do?
First, make sure we have your correct mailing address! Here’s how:

  • Log in to web advisor
  • Go to the Student tab, the option to change your address is in the User Account Section

You can also update your address by visiting the Enrollment Services desk in Student Services.

Then, beginning the first week of May, look for the bright green envelope from Higher One! Once it arrives, you’ll simply use the card inside to let us know how you’d like to receive your money. Just choose the option that best fits you. Get started as soon as it arrives! Remember, even if you are not currently expecting a refund, your YTC Connect Card is your new York Tech Student ID, so it's important to hang on to it.

Have more questions?
Visit YTCConnectCard.com to learn more about the all-new YTC Connect Card coming to York Tech in early May.







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