Criminal Justice Technology
Law Enforcement Certificate

Course Descriptions:

CRJ 101   Introduction to Criminal Justice

This course includes an overview of the functions and responsibilities of agencies involved in the administration of justice to include police organizations, court systems, correctional systems, and juvenile justice agencies.

CRJ 110   Police Patrol

This course provides an understanding of the duties, extent of authority, and responsibilities of the uniformed patrolman. Special emphasis is placed on patrol function-line activities, including traffic control and investigation, community relations, vice control, tactical units, civil disturbances, and preventive patrol.

CRJ 115   Criminal Law

This course covers the development of criminal law in America. The basic elements of specific criminal offenses, criminal defenses, and various legal principles upon which criminal law is established are reviewed.

CRJ 140   Criminal Justice Report Writing

This course is a study of the proper preparation and retention of criminal justice records and reports, including observational skills, formatting, and the value of accurate, complete, and selective written articulation of information and observations.

CRJ 218   Crisis Intervention

This course is a study of the situational procedures and techniques necessary in defusing situations identified as crises.

CRJ 222   Ethics in Criminal Justice

This course is a study of the application of ethical theories to the criminal justice profession.

CRJ 224   Police Community Relations

This course is a study of the importance of two-way communication between the criminal justice system and the community to foster a working relationship to control crime. A variety of topics are studied, including citizen involvement in crime prevention and police officer interpersonal relations.

SCI 150   Forensic Science IPolice Community Relations

This course is a study of how criminal activity generates physical evidence, and the identification, collection, preservation of physical evidence.



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