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Help for D2L is available in a variety of forms. Listed below is a brief description of some of the D2L tools with a link to helpful information that includes instructional videos and printable files on each of the tools.

Calendar/Schedule You have access to an on-line calendar through the "Schedule". Available on the "My Home" and "My Course" pages, the "Schedule" tool allows you to set reminders of important dates, activities and see entries for your class.  pdf_icon video
Checklist A checklist is a way to highlight important or required assignments, readings, or other items for you to complete. pdf_icon video
Classlist The Classlist tool provides a list of students currently enrolled in your course. The instructor and his/her students can be emailed from this location. pdf_icon  
Content The Content Tool is where course materials can be found. pdf_icon video
D2L E-mail D2L has its own internal e-mail system that can be used within D2L. You may forward messages from you D2L account any external address. To form your student email address, use the following pattern:
"your username"@d2l.yorktech.edu

 Your instructor will tell you if you are using the D2L Email for your class or not.

Students are limited to 4 MB of e-mail space with a 1 MB attachment size limit.
pdf_icon video
Discussions The Discussions tool can be used for online discussions between you and other students and/or your instructor. pdf_icon video
Dropbox The Dropbox tool is an electronic folder for documents you will be submitting to your instructor. Submissions are date and time stamped. pdf_icon video
Grades The Grade tool allows you to view your grade for your course. pdf_icon video
Locker The Locker is an electronic "1 meg" storage area for you to store your files. You can upload and download files from your home computer and use them in D2L or transfer them from one computer to another. Only the owner of the locker can view its contents. 1024 K = 1 Meg pdf_icon video
My Home My Home is the main entry page for D2L. It is the first page you see after signing in to D2L. Like the Course Home page, this page contains a News section. However, this section is controlled by the D2L staff and is used for system announcements. pdf_icon video
Pager The Pager allows D2L users to "page" each other by sending a short text message. The next time that the person being paged enters the course, the page will flash and/or beep when a message is waiting. pdf_icon video
Preferences The Preferences tool allows you to change your font settings, paging preferences, discussion room layout, e-mail, and accessiblity preferences. Customizing your personal settings is great way to ensure that you are comfortable in your learning environment. pdf_icon video
Quizzes  The quiz tool is where your instructor will post quizzes. pdf_icon video
Respondus LockDown Browser Respondus LockDown Browser is a secure browser for taking quizzes in Desire2Learn. It prevents you from printing, copying, going to another URL, or accessing other applications during an assessment. pdf_icon  

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