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The York Technical College Foundation is a not-for-profit foundation organized under South Carolina law and is fiscally and organizationally separate from the College. Its purpose is to receive private gifts, bequests, and donations, and to account for, manage and help appreciate monies or property submitted to the Foundation. Such donations are totally tax deductible. Funds for the Foundation are distributed to benefit and advance the College and for the encouragement and subsidization of students and faculty of York Technical College.

The Foundation Board of Directors is composed of selected persons who represent positive leadership and community influence, and who have expressed an interest and desire to use their influence on behalf of the College through the Foundation. The Foundation is prepared to support programs and activities of the College, which promote College goals and objectives.

Foundation Board of Directors - Mr. J. Brian Singleton, President
Mr. Barry D. Branch Dr. Greg F. Rutherford
Mr. Tom S. Camp Ms. Melanie E. Jones
Mr. Chris M. Conley Mr. Andrew J. Shene
Mr. Jeffrey J. Easterling Mr. David W. Shinn
Mr. Robert A. Greco Mr. Jeffrey C. Sigmon
Mr. W. Dehler Hart Mrs. Beverly H. Timmons
Mr. Richard F. Jiran Mr. David C. Williams
Ms. Melanie E. Jones  
Mr. Harry M. Miller, Jr.  


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