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York Technical College's graphic identity includes a logotype, icon, colors and specific guidelines for use. Together, these elements create a strong visual identity that is essential for generating greater understanding of and support for the College's mission, vision and goals.

Graphic Standards Manual

Approved by York Technical College in 2009, the Graphic Standards Manual provides guidelines for using the College's logo, colors and typography in printed and electronic materials. Adherence to these standards will enhance our ability to effectively communicate with both internal and external audiences.

College Logo

The logo is the primary representation of the College's visual identity. Due to the character length of the College's name, the logomark is provided with different logotype formats to provide flexibility in use. This logo is used to identify all College services and communication materials and products.

The logo must appear on all publications representing the College and it may not be commingled with other graphic marks. Use only the approved artwork available from the Public Information Office.

Do's and Don'ts

  • No poor quality logos: Logos used on web pages are typically low resolution and will not look good in print. Public Information has created a page with a variety of high resolution downloadable logos here.
  • No grayscale logos: This rule especially applies to stationary. Stationary should always be the color version. Black logos are available on the downloadable page for brochures and flyers. The logo should always be the correct Pantone colors: 151 orange, 280 blue, and 280 blue at 30%.
  • Resize proportionally: If you resize the logo, make sure you resize proportionally. Do not stretch the logo vertically or horizontally.
  • Utilize the Graphics Standards Manual: The GSM is a great resource for questions about proper logo application including (but not limited to) color, icon, and type usage and common mistakes to avoid.
  • Consult the Marketing office: If you need assistance with logo changes or designing material using the logo, please contact the Office of Public Information & Marketing.

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Strategic Communications & Marketing

The Strategic Communications & Marketing Office oversees the design standards to ensure the quality of the College's visual identity.

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