What is the average starting salary for MLT graduates?
Approximately $13.00 to $20.00/hour.

How long is the program?
Five semesters or 21 months.

What are the routine job duties of an MLT?
MLTs are trained to perform the routine laboratory procedures in clinical (hospital) laboratories. Their skills may also be utilized in physicians' offices, urgent care centers, health departments, veterinary offices, and industrial labs. The student is constantly exposed to blood and body fluids.

Are MLT class offerings in both day and evening format?
The general education courses are offered both day, evening, and online format.  However, all MLT program specific courses and clinical rotations are ONLY offered during daytime hours.

Will I have time to work outside of school hours?
It is highly recommended that students work no more than twenty hours per week.  The clincial rotation schedule during the last two semesters of the program requires 32 hours/week in addition to online requirements.

How much does the MLT program cost?
Please refer to the student manual for a more detailed breakdown of expenses.

Are scholarships available for MLT students?
Scholarships and financial aid are available for qualified applicants through the Financial Resources office located in Student Services.

Will I wear uniforms while I am in the program?
Site specified uniforms will be worn only during clinical rotations which are a part of the second year, or last two semesters of the program.

How many hours study time are required per day?
Approximately 2 to 3 hours of study time per day are necessary to be successful and to prepare for the national certifying exam.

Will I have much patient contact?
Patient contact is limited; occuring mainly during phlebotomy procedures, or drawing blood from the patient's arms.

How stressful is the program?
The program is very demanding and does require dedicated study time and committment.

How long is the waiting list to get into the program?
The wait list varies from year to year.  Please contact Admissions for specific information at 803-327-8008.

What is the passage rate for students taking the ASCP Board of Certification test?
Here are the pass rates for the last five years:
2007 - 100%
2008 - 100%
2009 - 100%
2010 - 92%
2011 - 100%
2012 - 82%

Will I be able to find a job easily when I graduate?
Students completing the MLT program from  York Technical College are usually employed within six months post graduation. Placement rate for the last five years: 85-100%

For Program specific information, please contact:

MLT Program Chair
Lynne Fantry, MLA, MT(ASCP)
Office:  A-150

MLT Education Coordinator
Michelle Gagan M.S.H.S., MT(ASCP)
Office: A-148


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