Guidelines for Discussion Questions†††††

All students are expected to use the Schedule Tab that provides entry into the Discussion Board, to submit answers to two questions posted by instructor. These questions will be posted every four to five weeks during the semester, depending on the length of the semester in which the course is offered. The following course objectives, specifically related to Module I and II,† are the basis for these questions:

Module I

2. Discuss the importance of nutrition for the maintenance of a healthy lifestyle.

Module II

4. Examine dietary tools used in planning a healthy lifestyle.


Every student must post well-written (no slang or abbrevations) answers. All answers are to be no longer than six paragraphs in length.

The answers should demonstrate that the student follows the criteria in the first rubric for their initial posting.

Students should cite all answers that come from another personís work. Students should use proper formatting for these citations. ( Please consult library sources for APA or MLA citation requirements.) *

Students will also post a response to another studentís posting using criteria,based on the second rubric, specific to the analysis of another studentís posting.These postings will be posted to the Dropbox. †Please note that† citations are required in your response to another studentís posting.

Anyone who posts after the due date, will receive a grade of zero for that posting, unless prior arrangements have been made with the course instructor.

*Please note: DO NOT use Wikkipedia, dictionaries, or encyclopedias as references.

Grading Criteria

The maximum number of points that a student may earn for his/her own posting is 24. The maximum number of points a student may earn for his/her analysis of another studentís posting is 24. To arrive at a percentage score, the total number of points earned would be divided by 24. So if a student earns 20 points in total, his or her score would be 83%. Once the percentage score is completed for both parts of the assignment, the two scores are added together and divided by 2. For example, if a student earns 83% on his posting and 90% on his analysis of another studentís posting, his/her composite score for the assignment would be 87%