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Bridge Programs Overview

What are Bridge Programs?

Bridge programs represent agreements between technical colleges and four-year institutions to provide a seamless transition from one institution to the other. Program participants generally may transfer after completing what amounts to a full freshman year of college-level coursework and attaining the GPA required by the academic program at the college to which they are transferring.

Who is eligible?

The program is intended for first-time college attendees who are recent high school graduates. Participation in the program is determined by the student's express desire to eventually matriculate at a participating four-year higher education institution.

How do students participate in the program?

Students may participate in bridge programs in one of two ways. They are either invited to participate by the four-year college to which they applied, but were denied admission; or they apply to a technical college as a transfer student and identify themselves as desiring to participate in one of the college's bridge programs.

What Bridge Programs are available?

Columbia College
Lander University
University of South Carolina
Winthrop University

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