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Business Administration

Automated Office Associates Degree

APPROVEDSpring 2004
MajorBusiness Administration
DegreeAssociate in Management

Semester Curriculum Display
Suggested Sequence of Courses
Fall Semester - Year 1Contact HoursCredit Hours
COL 101College Orientation1.01.0
ACC 101Accounting Principles I3.03.0
BUS 101Introduction to Business3.03.0
ENG 155Communications I3.03.0
LOG 110Introduction to Logistics3.03.0
MAT 101Beginning Algebra3.03.0
Total Semester16.016.0
Spring Semester - Year 1Contact HoursCredit Hours
ACC 102Accounting Principles II3.03.0
CPT 101Introduction to Computers3.03.0
ENG 156Communications II3.03.0
HSS 205Technology and Society3.03.0
MGT 101Principles of Management3.03.0
LOG 125Transportation Logistics3.03.0
Total Semester18.018.0
Fall Semester - Year 2Contact HoursCredit Hours
LOG 215Supply Chain Management3.03.0
MKT 101Marketing3.03.0
ECO 210Macroeconomics or ...
PSC 201American Government or ...
PSY 201General Psychology3.03.0
BUS 101Introduction to Business3.03.0
ACC 150Payroll Accounting3.03.0
Total Semester15.015.0
Spring Semester - Year 2Contact HoursCredit Hours
BAF 201Principles of Finance3.03.0
LOG 235Traffic Management3.03.0
LOG 240Purchasing Logistics3.03.0
MGT 201Human Resource Management3.03.0
Total Semester16.016.0
Total Program Hours65.0
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