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Junior Scholars to be Recognized for Outstanding Academic Achievement

February 2, 2011

ROCK HILL—On Friday, February 4, the Olde English Consortium (OEC) will once again host its annual regional Junior Scholars Day (a day of integrated fun and learning) at York Technical College. The day will begin and end at the college's Baxter Hood Center (9:15 a.m. until 12:30 p.m.) with activities taking place across the York Tech campus.

Students who score high on the PSAT test and meet certain additional academic requirements are identified by the state as “Junior Scholars.” Each South Carolina school district is charged by the state to provide recognition and learning opportunities for its Junior Scholars students. For the past 34 years, the Olde English Consortium has maximized efficiency and offered the highest quality of such opportunities by working together as a collaborative rather than each district replicating smaller projects on their own. Students are awarded their official state Junior Scholars certificate at an annual 8th grade OEC Recognition Ceremony – attended by 1,000 annually. Throughout their high school career, OEC provides opportunities for these Junior Scholars to share common challenging enrichment experiences with students from schools throughout this region and exposes them to higher education.

On Friday, the OEC and York Technical College have created an engaging day of activities designed to (a) recognize exemplary academic and extracurricular achievement (b) have students participate in a day of learning and critical thinking, and (c) expose students to both a college campus and college instructors. Hundreds of 9th & 10th grade Junior Scholars from our region’s six high schools will gather at 9:15 a.m. Following words from York Tech President Dr. Greg Rutherford and OEC Director Mike Fanning, students will be divided into small groups for learning projects with York Tech faculty. At approximately 10 a.m., the students will be divided into groups and attend separate critical thinking workshops/sessions across the campus. These sessions will focus on using technology to solve real-life critical issues – connected to their current high school coursework. At the conclusion of the sessions, the students will come back to the Hood Center for a time of Critical Thinking Presentations – with students taking lessons learned and applying this to a specific overall project designed to have students apply their newly-gained knowledge. The day will conclude with lunch.

This year’s topics include Crime + Science = One Mystery Solved; Not Rocket Science, But It Could Be; Application of Light in Chemical Analysis; Behind the Mask, Mathematical Modeling; Preparing to Enter the Workplace; Communications – Greatest Hits; What Do You See?; Human Anatomy & Physiology; Drunk Driving Experience; What’s He On?, Programming Strategy; and Digital Video & Television Production.

What is the OEC? The Olde English Consortium is a 501-C-3, non-profit, collaborative seeking to promote excellence and efficiency through collaboration. Founded in 1976 as CYLUC-W, the consortium serves the North Central region of South Carolina, one of the most diverse collaboratives in the southeast United States. A goal of the OEC is to bring all stakeholders together to improve education, economic development, and the quality of life in the region and throughout the state. The OEC desires to maximize the efficiency of federal, state, and local tax dollars by pooling local resources to increase efficiency andcollaborative buying power and resources.

For more information, contact the OEC's Michael Fanning at (803) 385-5143 or

York Technical College / 452 South Anderson Road / Rock Hill, SC  29730