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Guidelines for Students Using Computer Facilities

Student access to computing facilities is primarily for use in association with a course of study and activities related to that course. All students who use the College computing facilities must do so in a manner which is ethical, legal, and which does not “disrupt the educational process of the College.” (Student Code and Grievance Procedure, Sept. 2007)

Unauthorized distribution of copyrighted materials, including unauthorized peer-to-peer file sharing and/or downloads, may subject individuals to civil and criminal liabilities. Students may not commit libel, harass, or threaten others through email or other electronic methods nor participate in any other unlawful electronic communication.

Students may not use the College’s computing facilities or networks to access, send, or receive material that is deemed to be obscene, offensive, or pornographic. The College reserves the right to determine if a particular source of information may contain such material and to restrict or deny access to such sources at the College’s discretion.

Students may not use the computing facilities or any other device to perform malicious acts. Malicious acts include, but are not limited to, intentionally installing and/or distributing malware (Viruses, Trojans, Worms, etc.) and accessing computing resources (routers, servers, access points, computers, etc.) without authorization. Willful violation of these guidelines will be treated as misconduct and may result in disciplinary action. Sanctions include denial of access to all computer facilities and/or suspension from a course(s) or the College. Illegal activities will be reported to the appropriate authorities.


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