Confidentiality is one of the most important aspects of counseling. Information shared during a counseling session is treated with respect and is protected by the professional ethical guidelines of the American Counseling Association’s Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice. This means that information disclosed to a counselor will not be shared with others. The only exceptions to this confidentiality policy are as follows:

  1. A counselor may consult with a colleague to plan and coordinate care.

  2. If you are likely to physically harm another person, counselors have a duty to warn that person and/or authorities.

  3. If you are likely to physically harm yourself, counselors must take steps to protect you and possibly contact others on your behalf.

  4. If you disclose information about abuse or neglect of a juvenile or disabled adult, counselors are required by state law to report this to the Department of Social Services.

  5. Counselors must testify or provide counseling records as part of a judicial proceeding if ordered to do so by a judge.


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