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Dual Enrollment Overview

What is Dual Enrollment?

Dual enrollment enables students to get a jump start on a college education by earning college credits while still in high school. The program is made possible under a 2005 South Carolina State Law called the Education and Economic Development Act or EEDA.

Who is eligible?

Dual Enrollment is available to eligible juniors or seniors who are at least 16 years old and who obtain both parent and school written permission. In addition, students must apply and be accepted by York Technical College.

What courses are available?

A variety of courses are offered for dual enrollment credit among the sixteen technical colleges. Courses range from general education sections in English and Math to technical education courses.

What is the cost?

Technical College and school districts work cooperatively to minimize direct costs to students. Contact your high school for specific information regarding costs.

Will credits transfer?

Courses apply toward specific programs at York Technical College and other technical colleges in South Carolina. Many courses will transfer to other two-year and four-year public institutions in South Carolina according to the "Statewide Articulation Agreement: Technical College Courses Transferable to Public Institutions." For more information please visit the web site http://www.che.sc.gov/CHE_Docs/AcademicAffairs/ACAP/ACAP-03-22-2012/Hm/7.pdf.

Parental Permission Form

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