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Lehigh-Lancaster, Inc., is the nation’s leading manufacturer of galvanized steel transmission towers. The company was founded in Lancaster, SC, in 1967 by its parent company, Lehigh Structural Steel Co., Inc. of Allentown, PA.

York Technical College helped train supervisory employees in 


1. The scholarship is provided to prospective students or present students at the College.
The scholarship is $1,000 per school year for tuition, books and other related program costs.

2. Prospective students should have: a minimum GPA of 2.0; leadership qualities, and a degree of financial need.

3. Lehigh-Lancaster, Inc. Scholarship recipients must maintain full-time enrollment at York Technical College.

The number of awards made each year will depend on the amount of interest accrued to the Lehigh-Lancaster Endowment.

Deadlines for the Lehigh-Lancaster, Inc. Endowment Program are August 1 and December 1 of the current year.


 1967 for Lehigh-Lancaster prior to initial production start-up, in the College’s first “Special Schools” Program.

Lehigh participated in many of the College’s programs in the following years, and starting in 1980, Lehigh provided scholarships through annual donations from the R.L. Kift-T.R. Mullen, Jr. Foundation.

Lehigh-Lancaster was sold in 1992 to the Thomas & Betts Corporation. Upon liquidation of Lehigh Structural Steel Co. and the Kift-Mullen Foundation, a generous gift from Lehigh-Lancaster established endowed scholarships fro citizens of Lancaster County, with preference given to present and former
employees of Lehigh-Lancaster and their children.

The not-for-profit York Technical College Foundation is the recipient and administrator of the endowed scholarship program.


IMPORTANT: Your application must include:

1. Completed application form. Follow the hyperlink.
2. High School Transcript and/or college transcript, if applicable.
3. Letter of recommendation from a High School instructor or employer familiar with the     technical skills of the applicant.
4. Statement of need for scholarship assistance.
5. York Technical College Admission Notice.

If you would like to receive an application, please call the York Technical College Foundation, Office for Development at (803) 981-7114 or write us at 452 South Anderson Road, Rock Hill, South Carolina   29730

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