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High School Counselors

Thank you for all that you do in guiding your students in fulfilling their educational goals.  As true leaders and mentors in the college selection process, you are an invaluable resource.  This is your page and its purpose is to provide the resources you need to help your students learn more about York Technical College. 

Please do not hesitate to contact us by phone or e-mail anytime you have questions concerning your students.  This website is designed to make your working relationship with us as convenient as possible. It will be updated regularly and we welcome any ideas that you have concerning its usefulness. 

Enrollment Services

Q.  What are the minimum SAT and ACT scores my students need to waive the York Technical College placement test (COMPASS)

A. Students with SAT scores of 480CR and 540M and ACT scores of 21 English and 23 Math will not need to take the COMPASS test. 

Q. In addition to graduating with a final cumulative GPA of 3.0, what are the other requirements for students to start their LIFE Scholarship?

A. Students must be eligible for at least 12 hours of non-remedial coursework based upon their test scores.  Students needing remediation upon enrollment may find it necessary to delay their LIFE scholarship until they complete at least portions of their non-credit coursework.

Q.  How should my students arrange for a campus tour? 

A.   Students should call Admissions at 803-327-8008 to schedule a tour date.

Q.   How do I arrange for a York Technical College representative to speak with my students?

A.   Contact Enrollment Services at 327-8008 or enrollmentservices@yorktech.edu.

Q.   I have a student interested in the Associate Degree Nursing program.  How should I guide them in preparation?

A. Course selection for students interested in the ADN program should mirror a schedule of any university bound student.  General education coursework for entry and/or graduation from the Nursing program is almost identical to the course load of a first-year student at a major university. 

Q.   What formal articulation agreements exist between York Technical College and S.C. 4-year colleges and unversities?

A.   York Technical College has articulation agreements and/or Bridge programs with the following institutions: Winthrop University, College of Charleston, South Carolina State University, University of South Carolina, and Lander University. 

Q.   Are there other colleges which will accept York Technical College credits? 

A.   The South Carolina Commission on Higher Education has established a list of technical college courses which are universally accepted by South Carolina's state-supported colleges and universities. The courses offered by YorkTechnical College which may transfer for credit in various majors at the state-supported senior colleges are listed at the following URL: http://www.yorktech.com/department/college_transfer/transfer_guide.htm. Students should contact the college to which they plan to transfer for information regarding course equivalencies and transferability towards specific programs.

Q.   What are the steps to enrolling at York Technical College? 


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