Required Tools

Student Discount Program for Tools and Meters: York Technical College has established partnerships with Klein Tools and Fluke and it is strongly recommended that any student enrolled into the Industrial Maintenance Program click on the links provided in the index below for more information on these COST SAVING programs PRIOR to purchasing any tools which may be on the tool list.


Required Tool Lists
Student Discount Tool Partnerships
Student Discount Fluke Partnerships


Required Tools

Industrial Maintenance and Welding

All Students are required to have his/her own tools. Each Student is responsible for keeping up with his/her own tools while using them on campus *(See notes below).

Click on your area of study below for a printer friendly tool list.

Industrial Maintenance Degree - Electrical Concentration
Industrial Maintenance Degree - Mechanical Concentration

Industrial Electricity/Electronics Diploma
Industrial Maintenance Diploma

Basic Electricity Certificate
Motors and Controls Certificate
Programmable Logic Controllers Certificate

All Welding Curriculums

*Note: If you are taking more than one concentration, you need to view both concentration tool lists. If you find a tool listed in both lists, you need only to purchase that tool once. There is no need to purchase the same tool twice.

**Note: York Technical College is NOT RESPONSIBLE for any lost, damaged, or stolen tools belonging to any student.



Attention Industrial Maintenance Students: Student Discount Partnerships!

Bryant Electric Supply

Student Vocational Price Breaks! Bryant Electric Supply has been designated by Klein Tools to be the distributor for the Klein Partnership. You must be a current student at York Technical College and enrolled into the Industrial Maintenance or Welding programs in order to be eligible to partake in these price reduction programs.

Items that will be required before tools can be purchased using the Vocational/Technical Price Reduction Program:

A current student ID card from York Technical College. Your ID card must have the current semester  sticker on the back.

A printout of the courses in which you are currently enrolled. This printout must be signed by your advisor/instructor and must not be more than one week old.

Your CID# will be used as the Purchase Order # to track the tools that are being bought. This is done in order that we can identify anyone who may be abusing the program.

For those that are on Financial Aid, please see your instructor or advisor for instructions on how you may be able to receive these same benefits.


Fluke Partnerships through Bryant Electric Supply & Graybar Electric Supply

Click Here to open the Fluke order form for Bryant Electric Supply.

Click Here to open the Fluke order form fro Graybar Electric Supply.

Click Here to open the Fluke Meter Student Discount Price List.

Klein Meter Educational Program through Bryant Electric Supply

Click Here to open the Klein Meter Student Discount Price List

* York Technical College is not responsible for any lost, damaged, or stolen tools belonging to any student.


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JC Clade
Department Chair


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