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Information Technology

Computer Programming Associates Degree

APPROVEDSpring 2003
EFFECTIVESummer 2003
MajorComputer Technology
DegreeAssociate in Applied Science

Semester Curriculum Display
Suggested Sequence of Courses
Fall Semester - Year 1Contact HoursCredit Hours
COL 101College Orientation 11.01.0
IST 188Hardware Basics and Operating Systems5.0 5.0
CPT 168Programming Logic & Design3.03.0
CPT 170Microcomputer Applications3.03.0
ENG 101English Composition3.03.0
MAT 110College Algebra3.03.0
Total Semester18.018.0
Spring Semester - Year 1Contact HoursCredit Hours
CPT 232C++ Programming I3.03.0
IST 226Internet Programming3.03.0
CPT 270Adv. Microcomputer Applications3.03.0
CPT 212Visual Basic3.03.0
CPT 257Operating Systems3.03.0
ENG 160Technical Communications3.03.0
Total Semester18.018.0
Fall Semester - Year 2Contact HoursCredit Hours
CPT 233C++ Programming II3.03.0
CPT 242Database3.03.0
CPT 236Java Programming I3.03.0
ECO 210Macroeconomics3.03.0
MAT 165Statistics3.03.0
SPC 205Public Speaking3.03.0
Total Semester18.018.0
Spring Semester - Year 2Contact HoursCredit Hours
CPT 244Data Structures3.03.0
CPT 264Systems and Procedures3.03.0
IST 220Data Communications3.03.0
IST 272Relational Database3.03.0
HSS 205Technology and Society3.03.0
CPT 238Internet Scripting
CPT 237Java Programming II or...
CPT 246Introduction to XML or...
CPT 213Visual Basic II3.03.0
Total Semester18.018.0
Total Program Hours72.0
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