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Information Technology

PC Technical Support Certificate

APPROVEDOctober 2001
EFFECTIVESpring 2002
MajorComputer Technology
CertificatePC Technical Support

Semester Curriculum Display
Suggested Sequence of Courses
Fall Semester - Year 1Contact HoursCredit Hours
IST 188Hardware Basics and Operating Systems5.0 5.0
CPT 168Programming Logic & Design3.03.0
CPT 170Microcomputer Applications3.03.0
Total Semester11.011.0
Spring Semester - Year 1Contact HoursCredit Hours
CPT 270Adv. Microcomputer Applications3.03.0
CPT 232C++ Programming I3.03.0
CPT 257Operating Systems3.03.0
IST 220Data Communications3.03.0
Total Semester12.012.0
Fall Semester - Year 2Contact HoursCredit Hours
CPT 233C++ Programming II3.03.0
CPT 242Database3.03.0
CPT 264Systems and Procedures3.03.0
Total Semester9.09.0
Total Program Hours32.0

Gainful Employment Disclosure - PC Technical Support

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