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Meet Your YTC Counselor

Welcome to York Technical College Admissions - your "front door" to success! Whether you are a first-time college student, have earned credits at another institution, or have attended York Tech previously, we look forward to assisting you with enrolling.

From the start, we want you to feel connected to our campus. We understand you have many questions and we are ready to assist you with all the information you need to reach your educational goals. Each counselor is responsible for a specific school or geographical area. Click here to see each counselor's area. See our counselor profiles below.


Lydia Moore
Enrollment Services Counselor
Student Services Building, Office 504
Ph. 803-981-7103


Paige Roberts
Enrollment Services Counselor
Student Services Building, Office 505
Ph. 803-981-7377


Brittany Henderson
Enrollment Services Counselor
Student Services Building, Office 503
Ph. 803-981-7055


Sarah Mickel
Enrollment Services Counselor
Student Services Building, Office 409
Ph. 803-803-981-7061


Tim Mention
Enrollment Services Counselor
Student Services Building, Office 501
Ph. 803-981-7103


Paola Mosquera
Enrollment Services Counselor
Student Services Building, Office 502
Ph. 803-981-7048


Nikita Baxter
Enrollment Services Counselor
Student Services Building, Office 408
Ph. 803-981-7021


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LAST UPDATED: 09/13/13

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