PROMISE Workshops

The PROMISE program offers workshops to participants to assist in their academic and professional success throughout the academic year. Check the events box for specific days and times.

Student Services Workshops

Academic Success Series

  • College Speak: How to Navigate the Campus Community: Provides useful academic/campus vocabulary, skills in professional communication from Facebook to the president of the college, and the proper occasion for such communication.
  • Study Skills: Introduction to study strategies that can improve study habits.
  • Note Taking: Learn successful approaches to taking notes in the classroom setting.
  • Test Taking: Exposure to different ways of effectively mastering different types of test questions such as matching, multiple choice, completion, and essay questions.
  • Test Anxiety: An overview of the physiological mechanisms of test anxiety (what test anxiety does to our body and our brain) and given strategies on developing coping skills to reduce the anxiety including healthy nutrition, cognitions (self-talk) and relaxation techniques.
  • When is Enough, Enough?: Discussion on when it is appropriate for a student to drop a course. Discussion includes the proper time to drop, the consequences dropping has in regards to financial aid and academic standing, as well as strategies for dealing with personal failure.

Personal Development Series

  • Myers-Briggs Personality Assessment: Focuses on a short assessment and an evaluation of assessment results. This is an important topic for students to understand their learning preferences and how they relate to their academic success.
  • Gender Communication: Learn how to navigate interpersonal relationships given the unique ways men and women communicate.
  • Stress Management: Coping strategies for balancing academic, work, and family responsibilities.
  • Conflict Resolution: Examines interpersonal conflict in regard to different personality preferences and learning styles. Learn to recognize these issues and find meaningful ways to manage conflict.
  • Diversity:Learn to develop the skills necessary to handle an ever-changing world. This is a major concern because commitment to diversity requires and demands a personal buy-in. Diversity work is not for others to do, but for all of us, at all times.
  • Loan Basics Workshop: This workshop will introduce particiapnts to information on student loans,Federal Stafford loans, and loan requirements and expectations. Please take advantage of this informative session to help avoid problems with student loans and make the most of available assistance.


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