Special Needs Scholarship Programs

Special Resources Office
York Technical College


Scholarships that assist the following types of students in their transition to new employment through the education and training provided by York Technical College:

  • unemployed or underemployed dislocated workers,
  • displaced homemakers,
  • low-income students, and
  • single parents.

Financial support may include assistance with tuition or child care or transportation expense. Additional support services may include academic and career counseling, monthly meetings with the counselor, and referrals.


A program designed for students who choose majors not traditionally associated with their gender, i.e.:

  • females in Industrial and Engineering Technologies
  • males in Health and Human Services

This program offers participants advising and academic support services as well as a limited number of stipend awards.

For more information:
803-981-7112 or 800-922-8324 ext. 7112