ECD Courses

Prefix/No. Title  
ECD 101 Intro. to Early Childhood  
ECD 102 Growth and Development I  
ECD 105 Guidance-Classroom Management  
ECD 107 Exceptional Children  
ECD 108 Family and Community Relations  
ECD 109 Administration & Supervision  
ECD 131 Language Arts for Early Education  
ECD 132 Creative Experiences  
ECD 133 Science and Math Concepts  
ECD 135 Health, Safety & Nutrition  
ECD 200 Curriculum Issues in Infant and Toddler Development  
ECD 201 Principles of Ethics/Leadership in Early Care Ed.  
ECD 203 Growth and Development II  
ECD 205 Socialization & Group Care of Infants & Toddlers  
ECD 207 Infants & Toddlers with Special Needs  
ECD 210 Early Childhood Intervention  
ECD 237 Methods and Materials  
ECD 243 Supervised Field Experience  
ECD 251 Supervised Field Experiences (Infant/Toddler)  
ECD 253 Communication Systems for ECSE