RAD Courses 

Prefix/No. Title
RAD 101 Introduction to Radiography
RAD 102 Radiography Patient Care Procedures
RAD 103 Introduction to Computed Tomography
RAD 105 Radiographic Anatomy
RAD 110 Radiographic Imaging I
RAD 115 Radiographic Imaging II
RAD 120 Principles of Computed Tomography
RAD 121 Radiographic Physics
RAD 130 Radiographic Procedures I
RAD 136 Radiographic Procedures II
RAD 152 Applied Radiography I
RAD 165 Applied Radiography II
RAD 175 Applied Radiography III
RAD 201 Radiation Biology
RAD 210 Radiographic Imaging III
RAD 220 Selected Imaging Topics
RAD 230 Radiographic Procedures III
RAD 256 Advanced Radiography I
RAD 268 Advanced Radiography II
RAD 278 Advanced Radiography III