WLD Courses

Prefix/No. Title
WLD 104 Gas Welding and Cutting
WLD 110 Welding Safety and Health
WLD 111 Arc Welding I
WLD 113 Arc Welding II
WLD 136 Advanced Inert Gas Welding
WLD 142 Maintenance Welding
WLD 152 Tungsten Arc Welding
WLD 154 Pipe Fitting & Welding
WLD 201 Metallurgy
WLD 208 Advanced Pipe Welding
WLD 212 Destructive Testing
WLD 214 Non-Destructive Testing
WLD 228 Inert Gas Welding Pipe I
WLD 231 Gas Metal ARC/Flux Cored Arc Welding Pipe
WLD 240 Robotic Welding and Manufacturing