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The Academic Coaching and Tutoring Center

Academic coaching is an approach to tutoring which combines consistency, responsibility, and efficiency. The mission of the Academic Coaching and Tutoring Center at York Technical College is to help students become independent, self-confident, and efficient learners. Our services help foster student success and retention through the mastery of academic skills and course content.

B-Building, Room 6

Academic Coaching and Tutoring Center Goals:
  • Help students learn and apply appropriate academic skills and strategies to promote success in academic work.
  • Help students develop a positive attitude toward learning and confidence in their ability to learn.
  • Introduce students to the learning expectations of college-level course work.
  • Support the academic standards of York Technical College.
  • Help students achieve their potential for learning.
Academic coaching sessions give students experience and exposure to tools and methods that can help them develop some of the skills of expert learners and can positively impact their future success. The significance of academic coaching is that students develop academic strategies and tools that help them achieve academically and progress on their path from novice learner to expert learner. Academic coaching is designed to help students evaluate the effectiveness of their study techniques and to help students to learn how to learn. Because learning is a personal matter, there is not one strategy that works for every person in every situation. Therefore, these academic coaching sessions help students develop the skills to determine the best approach for a given situation.

For more information about academic coaching and tutoring, contact ACT or visit our Facebook page: www.facebook.com/yorktechACTcenter

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